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Mgr. Jakub Vais

Mgr. Jakub Vais

CEO of EBM Group

Jakub began his career in 2006 as a sales manager in a projection company run and co-owned by his father. Together with him, they decided to build a top company in the field of projection and engineering, which marked the beginning of the modern history of EBM in 2010. 
Until 2020, he worked in all companies of the EBM Group in executive positions. He was the sales director of EBM Expert for all contracts and at the same time participated in the management and development of the company. As a director of development in EBM Partner was primarily responsible for acquisitions and product definitions that he brings to the market. In 2016, he was behind the idea of adding a general contractor, EBM Construct, which he also managed executively. 
In connection with the change of structure in 2020, when the position of executive directors was filled in all companies, Jakub moved to the role of CEO of the entire EBM Group, where he can best use his potential to perceive synergies in construction activities and ensure maximum efficiency for projects stemming from the synergy of EBM Group. With the competencies from the owner, he coordinates the group's strategy in the areas of marketing, human resources, finance and operations.