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We offer investment opportunities

We supplement the combination of financing our projects from our resources and banking institutions by offering medium-term investments in securities or other types of suitable investment instruments.

We implement each of the projects in a separate project company, which provides an adequate level of security. We supplement the combination of financing our projects from our resources and banking institutions with an offer of medium-term investments.

EBM Partner Bonds 6,00/24

ISIN: CZ0003529273
form: book-entry, bearer
volume: 250 000 000 CZK
nominal value: 100 000 CZK
minimum investment: 1 bond
interest rate: 6,00 pa 
coupon payment: semi-annually, retrospectively, as of 30 June and 31 December
issue date: 15 January 2021
final maturity: 30 December 2024
call option: 30 December 2022, 30 December 2023 @ 100% nominal values  


EBM in numbers 

CZK 1,220 million

total realized sales value of completed real estate projects of EBM Partner 

CZK 720 million

total value of repaid loans to banking institutions

CZK 3,800 million

total projected sales value of implemented and planned residential projects of EBM Partner

CZK 3,500 million

total value of currently prepared projects of Logport Development in the commercial real estate segment 

Why invest with an EBM Partner? 

We have extensive development experience 
Success of previous projects
Our company is transparent with clear corporate governance 
The synergy of a team of professionals who share the same values
We pay attention to project diversification 
We target segments with interesting commercial potential and resistance to fluctuations 
We allocate our resources to projects 
We preference for a conservative approach to the overall financing of the company and individual projects 

The approval of the brochure should not be construed as a confirmation of securities that are being offered or admitted to trading on a regulated market.

We recommend that potential investors read the brochure before making an investment decision to fully understand the potential risks and rewards associated with the decision to invest in securities.