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A villa resort not only for golf lovers is being built on Beroun hill

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ikona kalendář20. 10. 2021

A villa resort not only for golf lovers is being built on Beroun hill

Yesterday, the symbolic tapping of the foundation stone of the Villa Resort Beroun project took place on a quiet Beroun hill close to the golf resort. 44 families will find a new home in modern villa houses whose construction began in June this year. The whole project was created and implemented under one roof by the EBM group.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of EBM Partner (developer), EBM Expert (architecture and projection) and EBM Construct (general contractor), who are involved in the project. EBM Group CEO Jakub Vais gave an introductory speech: “We were able to launch the Villa Resort Beroun project in record time, mainly thanks to the experience and professionalism of the entire team involved in its preparation and realization. The strength of the synergy of the project created under one roof of the EBM group was thus fully manifested. I am convinced that the new owners of family houses will find their dream home in this unique place. "

Family houses with 4+kk and 5+kk layouts will offer not only a high standard of execution but also an ingeniously thought-out timeless architectural solution with functionally designed interiors and impressive views of the surrounding countryside. Each villa has a garage and garden, and there is also a generous storage area for the necessary equipment. The houses meet all the requirements for comfortable family living, as well as strict criteria for economic operation and environmental friendliness while maintaining low operating costs.

The location within easy reach of nature directly encourages a variety of activities and golf lovers will appreciate the renowned golf club and green view. All this with the comprehensive civic amenities of the district town and perfect transport accessibility to the metropolis. The owners of 22 houses of the first stage will be able to move in September 2023.

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Monolitická konstrukce Erbenovy Rezidence před dokončením

Monolitická konstrukce Erbenovy Rezidence před dokončením

Stavba monolitické konstrukce Erbenovy Rezidence na Hřebenkách je téměř před dokončením. Již nyní si tak přímo na místě můžete vychutnat jedinečnost místa i architektury. Postupně vyzdíváme příčky, probíhá příprava rozvodů elektroinstalace a montáž oken, ze kterých se budou majitelé bytů kochat nádhernými výhledy na Prahu již na konci roku, kdy plánujeme dokončení projektu a předání bytů. Na západní straně objektu vznikají první místnosti pro wellness, knihovnu nebo pracovnu s přímou návazností na zahradu či venkovní terasu.

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PF 2022

PF 2022

Happy New Year! We would like to thank you for your trust and kindness this year. We wish you a wonderful Christmas, good health and all the best in the New Year. Team EBM Partner    

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EBM Partner celebrates its anniversary and is heading to the first league of residential housing

EBM Partner celebrates its anniversary and is heading to the first league of residential housing

In the beginning there was a vision to build a solid company and add a residential real estate developer to the EBM Group. After gaining a reputation for implementing housing projects for seniors, the company has focused on residential development in recent years and is preparing projects worth more than CZK 5 billion. Currently successfully implements family house projects in Kolovraty and Beroun, or the luxurious and architecturally exceptional Erbenova Residence. To mark the tenth anniversary of its founding, the company has succeeded in acquiring land in Kladno with a total area of more than 50,000 m2, on which it will build a new multifunctional city district with more than 600 residential and rental units. A few days ago, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary. EBM Group CEO Jakub Vais recalls the very beginnings: “Ten years ago, we were at the starting line. We had no history, but we had a great appetite and enthusiasm with which we tried to convince our partners, banks, and our employees that the ambitions we had were able to fulfil. We went for it, and I believe today EBM Partner is a generally respected company bringing value-added projects to the market." The planned expansion is related to the engagement of the CEO of EBM Partner, Jan Šulc, who strengthened the top management of the group by coming from Skanska Property Czech Republic. He confirmed that the company intends to capitalize on previous experience in the field of senior and residential housing and is preparing large projects: “We are currently completing the resort of family houses in Kolovraty and in the summer we launched a similar project in Beroun. The construction of the luxurious Erbenova Residence is in full swing, which is unique not only in its architecture but also in the technical complexity of the construction. We are preparing a beautiful residential project Krčská zahrada and in the summer we completed two acquisitions in Kladno. These will be more demanding in terms of architecture, urbanism, and volume. The city-building project at Kladno near the main railway station is now our flagship and characterizes the direction we would like to take.” "The EBM Partner is an exceptional compilation of a family and corporate company. We moved from a level where it was a purely relatively intimate family affair, to today's position, where we choose the best from both the corporate and family part," explains the founder and owner of the EBM group, Ľubomír Vais, and recalls the housing centre for seniors in Havířov - the company's first completed project completed in 2015: “It turned out that we were able to create what we said at the beginning - to combine the acquisition, architecture, design, construction and real estate service of projects under one roof and add added value." Video with interviews - 10 years of EBM Partner or how it was from the beginning Photo gallery

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